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Fast Track Your Journey of Learning Guitar

Hi, I’m Dan and my site is titled “Learn Guitar Online Fast” because you will learn how to play guitar faster by learning from my mistakes!  By sharing my experiences as I travel my own guitar journey with acoustic and electric guitar lessons, my goal is to help you get off on the right foot with your guitar journey so you can start playing some of your favorite songs in the shortest amount of time (and maybe even write some of your own if that’s your desire).

Which Course Has Been My Favorite?

BestOnlineGuitarLessonsFor BeginnersI began learning guitar several years ago.  During that time, I’ve tried a number of different online guitar lessons sites.  I discovered there was quite a bit of difference in how quickly my guitar journey progressed while in each course.  Now you can benefit from my experiences.  I’ve put together recommendations and reviews of the best online guitar training for beginners.  These are the courses and guides that I personally used myself at some point in my own guitar journey.  So save yourself a lot of trial and error and click here to read my recommendations and watch the review videos I’ve put together for you.

Let’s Learn Guitar Together!

I’ve created a special section for you where I’m your guitar journey sidekick!  It’s my personal weekly guitar training journal where I share what I’m learning in the weekly Jam Sessions as a member of “The Band” which is where me and other “rockstars-in-training” get our weekly LIVE training.  Below is a screenshot from the Halloween edition of the Jam Session.  As you can see, it’s not only a great way to get better on guitar, but we also have a lot of fun in the process!

Jam Session 47 - Halloween Edition - Monster Riffs Licks

This is my guitar coach, Steve. Yeah, he’s crazy like that. 😛

The reason “The Band” is so great is that not only do you get live training each week, but you also get a weekly “challenge” assignment to post in the Jam Space  (the group’s private Facebook page) for feedback.  And if you’re a total beginner, no worries…Steve’s got you covered with a beginner’s course as part of your Band membership that gets you up to speed quick!  You’ll be having fun as you join us in the Jam Space and begin posting your own progress videos and getting Steve’s professional feedback and, of course, encouragement from other Band members!  It’s like a big happy guitar family.  🙂  When you join, be sure to give me a shout out in the weekly chat box or in the Jam Space!  Click here for more info on “The Band“.

Learn Faster & Save Money With Online Guitar Lessons

Whether your desire is to learn to play acoustic guitar, electric, Rock, Pop, Blues, Rockabilly, Country, Metal, Funk, Jazz, or any other style, the information within these pages can be of benefit to you.  A good place to start is here: Beginner Guitar Lessons.

No doubt about it…these days, if you want to learn guitar fast and save money at the same time, it’s best to go with online video lessons.  Gone are the days of signing up with a local guitar teacher and shelling out $50/hr just to have him/her show off their own skills while leaving you with very little to show for your money.  Not all local guitar teachers are like that, of course, but enough are.  My own nephew experienced this very thing when he began to learn how to play guitar.  I share a bit more of that story, along with my own guitar journey thus far, here within the pages of my site.

You Can Set Your Own Schedule

Another advantage to Internet-based guitar training is that you are free to learn at your own pace.  You don’t need to drive down to the music school, fighting traffic and ending up with a headache by the time you get there.  Nope.  Now you can just hop online and visit your favorite guitar training website, and learn guitar online when you want, for as long as you want.  Want to watch 2 hours worth of instruction at one time?  No problem.  Just got time today to watch a single, bite-sized, 10 minute lesson?  You can do it!  Being able to learn guitar when it’s convenient for you is one of the greatest benefits the web has brought us in my opinion.  Setting up your own schedule helps you stick to it and that is one of the keys to ultimately learning guitar fast.


I’ve also created a page featuring the best online guitar lesson reviews from the guitar training memberships I’ve tried so far.  I breakdown what I like about them and why I feel they are the best value for your money.  I also share some of my own thoughts and reviews on guitars and guitar product reviews here on this site.  I’ve even put together a page for you with some tips on how to choose the best beginner guitar that’s right for you.

In short, my goal is to help you accelerate your own guitar journey by sharing with you my own experiences.  As Dad once told me: “I’ve already been where you’ve been”.  And so it is with me and your guitar journey if you’re just starting out.  Learning from another guitarist’s experiences is the surest way to learn guitar fast.  So I invite you to find out what’s worked well for me.  As I already mentioned, I share a lot of my own personal guitar journey with you here in the pages of this site (as well as with my email readers so be sure to sign up for that too if you want to learn even more about my experiences in learning the guitar).

Song Tutorials & Video Lessons

You can also watch some free video lessons right on this site.  Free guitar training videos have their place once you have some foundational training under your belt from professional guitar teachers.  While free guitar video lessons can be helpful in some instances once you get to a certain level in your skills, beware.  Trying to learn how to play guitar from the ground up by watching random YouTube video clips can hinder your progress more than help it.

Quick and Easy

What I found is that once I began a structured, step-by-step training program that taught me what I needed to know in the order I needed to know it, things began to “click” a lot more and I began to get further faster in my guitar journey.  And, of course, the song lesson tutorials you’ll find for free usually can’t compare to the ones you get either with a paid membership or DVD.  The free ones are often inaccurate and/or are missing key components of the song (e.g., that special solo, riff, particular strum pattern, etc) that made it so great to begin with.  Great news, though –  I’ve been able to get you free access (for a limited time) to hundreds of amazing guitar song lessons taught by pro-instructors if you use my special links.

Hope you find this site beneficial to your training.  If you stick with my recommendations, I’m confident you’ll save yourself many wasted hours and learn guitar faster than you ever dreamed.  Most of all, congratulations as you embark on this new and exciting aspect of your life – your guitar journey!

Rock on,
Dan Wright

p.s. Until next time, here’s an epic guitar solo from one of my favorite bands to inspire you…