Hello, fellow guitar player!

This site exists to provide free guitar lessons and advice to help guitar players of all levels…from those just starting out and needing to know the very basics, to those looking for intermediate instruction and more.  On LearnGuitarOnlineFast.com, you’ll find a wide range of free guitar tutorials presented in video format.

While any of the free guitar lessons you’ll find on this site will be beneficial to your playing, it is my belief that there is no substitute for a step-by-step, core training program that will lead the beginning guitarist by the hand and take them through a structured sequence of lessons where each new lesson builds upon the preceding ones.  I’ve personally found this to be the most efficient way of learning guitar and outperforms watching random tutorial videos found on the net.  To help you get “further faster” in your own guitar journey, I’ve included links throughout this site to recommended resources that provide this kind of step-by-step, core instruction where you will progress in a logical manner to each new level in your guitar proficiency.  These guitar lessons are in the form of online courses (aka “memberships”) or DVDs that I have personal experience with and can recommend based upon my assessment that they brought me benefit and my belief that they will help you in your own guitar journey as well.

I also make recommendations of where you can get deals on guitar gear and let you know about other things I believe will be truly helpful to you in your own guitar journey.  If you find the free training videos here useful, will you please do me the favor of sharing this site with a friend?  Oh yeah, be sure to signup for the free newsletter, too!

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Dan Wright