Can You Name That Tune?

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Can you name that tune?  A number of us in The Band have been posting our own Name That Tune videos.  Sometimes we post easy guitar tunes and sometimes they are more advanced, but even the easy ones can be quite challenging if we’re only provided a few notes!

It’s a ton of fun not only posting and seeing if anyone can guess the song, but also a blast trying to be first to guess the songs being performed by other Band members.

It’s also a great motivator to practice and try to nail the song in our performances so as to make it as likely as possible others will recognize it!

Steve (aka “VØID”) and other Band members not only try to guess the song, but also offer feedback on improving it.

It’s all part of the awesome feedback experience we get inside the Jam Space (Stage 4 of The Speed Sheet) which helps us fix trouble spots in our playing.

Here’s a Name That Tune entry I posted that another Band member guessed right away so I felt good knowing my performance wasn’t too of the mark…

Can you name that tune?  J

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