Guitar Chops Builders – Part 3 (Jam Session #45)

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Guitar Chops Builders – Part 3

In today’s Jam Session #45, we continued learning new guitar chops builders.  We learned the final 4 levels of the sequence:

  • Level 6
  • Level 7
  • Level 8
  • Level 9

Once we have all these down individually, the ultimate goal is to string them together into a single chops building exercise of approx. 5 minutes.  I’m really looking forward to getting to that stage.

As always, we were provided with the TABs for all the chops builders we learned today.  For those already familiar with the A minor pentatonic scale, Level 9 was familiar territory.

Our goal is to now practice each level 8 times and then attempt to string them together.

This Week’s Challenge

Pick one of these levels and post a video in the Jam Space of you playing it.

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