Guitar Chops Builders – “Guitar Chop Shop (Part 1)” – Jam Session #43

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In Jam Session #43, Steve began going over exercises that will improve our guitar playing technique.

What are Guitar Chops Builders?

Chops builders is a little exercise you work on over and over.  Over time, these “guitar chops builders” will help us play more fluidly with greater accuracy and speed.

Suggested pick thickness for practicing chops builders: .73 medium

The thin picks (.60 or less) won’t work as well for chops builders because as you get faster, the slap back of the thin pick will hinder you.

We looked at the first 3 “levels”:

Level 1 – Just play 5th fret of the G string

Triplet – 3 notes

Alternate picking

1   2   3   4

D U  D  U

Set your metronome to 60 bpm

Split each beat into 3 strokes

Level 2:

played on the 2nd and 3rd string


2, 1

4, 3

5, 5

3, 4

Level 3 (we stopped after this level)

Tip: angle pick to 45 degrees for speed it helps cut through the strings

This week’s challenge:

Pick level 2 or 3 (or both)

Post in in the Jam Space played at any speed, any picking.  Focus on accuracy, not speed.

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