Chord Progression Guitar Secrets

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Did you know many of the biggest hits ever recorded have only 3 or 4 chords? Yep, it’s among the chord progression guitar “secrets” and I was astounded when I first discovered that!

But it gets even better…

As I went through the training inside The Band, I discovered that just by learning a single 4-chord progression, I would instantly know how to play dozens of popular songs entirely or in part.

This is because the very same chord progression appears in all these particular songs…sometimes throughout the entire song!

What’s more, I was handed 2 “living” indexes to these songs on a silver platter…

One index lists songs using the “1564” progression and second one contains songs using the “1654” progression. [Don’t worry about the numbers…it’s all covered in the training.]

I call them “living” indexes because they are being continually updated as additional songs using these progressions are discovered and added to the lists.

The official names of these indexes are “The Hit List 1564” and “The Hit List 1654”.

No matter what you call ’em, they were golden in allowing me to quickly play a wide variety of popular songs! This is why I’ve listed them in the “Winner’s Circle” of The Speed Sheet.

I’ve found this discovery and The Hit Lists alone to be worth more than it costs to access everything inside The Band during this limited-time $5 offer created exclusively for my subscribers. This offer was put together with my personal guitar coach and friend, VØID, and I honestly don’t know when (or even if) this special promotion will ever be offered again. So, if you have any interest, hurry and check it out here before it’s gone.

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