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Do you have someone within your “circle” qualified to offer constructive feedback on your guitar playing?

My dad, who got me started on guitar, was the only person I had to provide such feedback but, sadly, once he suffered a stroke that came to an end.

Afterward, whenever I was playing with poor technique, I had no one to tell me how to fix it.

What‘s worse, I often didn’t realize anything needed fixing.

I also didn’t bother recording my performances so there was never any looking back to gauge my own progress.

Fortunately, that all changed when I joined The Band.

After recording the weekly video assignments, I now post my performances inside the group’s private Facebook page, the Jam Space.

Here, Steve (aka “VØID”) reviews my performances and offers guidance to nail that song or technique!

My performance posts also often get feedback and encouragement from other Band members which boosts my motivation levels even higher!

Getting professional feedback and encouragement from our peers is important to perfecting the songs we’re learning. That’s why I’ve listed this as Stage 4 of The Speed Sheet.

You can get professional feedback on your playing for only $5 when you join The Band during this limited-time offer created exclusively for my subscribers. Hurry though, this special offer was created by my guitar coach and friend, VØID, and I don‘t know when – or even if – he‘ll ever want to offer it again. All I know for certain is this special offer will be expiring soon. Click here to see if it’s still available.

And be sure to give me a shout either in the Jam Space or on the live Jam Session chat box! J

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