Fingerpicking Guitar Lessons

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“Give Your Guitar The Finger, Part 3”

Jam Session #32 – Fingerpicking Guitar Lessons

Whew! This week’s live training Jam Session with The Band was a monster!

Steve (aka V∅ID) gave us another full 2 hours of training and what a session it was! It was a lot of information to take in, but Steve explained the method to the madness… by having us learn more difficult stuff upfront, he’s preparing us so the future lessons requiring these techniques will seem like a piece of cake. Sounds good to me!

We continued our fingerpicking training. I never was much of a fingerpicker, but getting better at it now after these fingerpicking lessons. Looking forward to putting it to use in some songs that make great use of it. Maybe I’ll post them here when I’m ready…and if I get some requests. 🙂

The Training

First, we went over fine-tuning the Sultans of Swing progression we’ve been learning during over the past couple Jam Sessions.

Steve explains a barre chord technique required for this fingerpicking picking pattern

Steve explaining a technique.

My most recent post to the Jam Space (The Band’s private Facebook page where we upload our video assignments and get feedback from Steve and other Band members) got pretty good feedback so I’m anxious to work on fine-tuning it and seeing how close I can get to the studio recording. 🙂

Next, we learned the remaining parts to the minor section of Spanish Romance. This one is trickier. A Lot to work through on it, but it will be a beautiful piece to know how to play once I finally nail it down.

Steve also taught us a special trick to implement when playing a difficult part that helps us not only get through it more easily, but also results in the listener thinking you’re a musical genius! How cool is that?! 🙂

The Spotlight

The Spotlight is a cool feature at the end of every Jam Session.  After Steve goes over the training and then has a Q&A session on it, he invites anyone who would like to come on “the spotlight”.  It’s a two-way video feature that allows you interact directly with Steve…you can either demonstrate where you’re at in the current assignment or get help with some other technique you’ve been struggling with, etc.  The rest of the band members will see and hear you perform and cheer you on.  It’s a fun way to wrap up each Jam Session.  I’ve yet to enter the spotlight myself, but now that I recently got my webcam out, I’m sure it’ll happen before long.  Unfortunately, my primary electric guitar is having a technical issue that needs fixing.  Hope to get that resolved soon.  Will use it “unplugged” until then.

This Week’s Video Assignment

Alright, gotta run now and get to work on practicing the new segments of Spanish Romance and then get it recorded and post the updated version to the Jam Space.

** Update: After I posted my latest version of Spanish Romance, I got some feedback in the Jam Space on it from Steve and some other Band members. Thought you’d enjoy seeing it so I’m sharing a screenshot of it here.  [I shot the vid after coming in from doing some yard work so you’ll get to see me in my work clothes…torn jeans and all, lol.  😛 ]


"Spanish Romance" feedback

Feedback on my performance of “Spanish Romance”

Remember, the point of Your Guitar Journey Sidekick is that by sharing with you what’s working for me, you can speed up your own guitar journey.  🙂  It won’t be long until I have the next training post up for you.  Meanwhile, if you want to check out The Band yourself, click here.


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