Free Guitar Backing Tracks

Best Guitar Backing Tracks

Why Use Guitar Backing Tracks?

Advantages to practicing with guitar backing tracks are many and include:

  • Helps you learn to play guitar “in time”
  • Helps you master a song more quickly
  • Helps prepare you for playing with other musicians
  • Makes practicing more enjoyable for you
  • Makes your playing more interesting for others

Although playing along to guitar backing tracks will never be as good as playing along with other musicians in a live setting, backing tracks are a great substitute when you don’t have others around to play along with you.

The Best Free Guitar Backing Tracks

So, where do you find a great free guitar backing track? Many of the paid guitar training programs (see my reviews here) will include them as part of your membership.  However, there are also some good free guitar backing tracks online available out there.  Many can be found on YouTube.  Here’s a couple of examples:

You can also find a ton of free guitar backing tracks at  Simply enter the Title of a song or an Artist name in the search box on the site and it will return a list of relevant backing track options you can choose from.  There’s even an option to customize the backing track yourself if you like for a small fee.  I highly recommend checking it out.

In addition to the pure enjoyment backing tracks can add to your guitar practice, it also offers you a chance to place yourself in the arrangement as lead or rhythm guitarist.  You can work on your timing and tone as you hear yourself in the mix of your favorite songs.  This makes it an excellent learning experience that can’t be acquired anywhere else (besides playing with a live band which isn’t always possible).

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