Guitar Chop Builders Part 2 – Jam Session #44

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More Guitar Chop Builders

In Jam Session #44 (Guitar Chop Shop – Part 2), we continued to learn new guitar chop builders.

It was suggested that the Dunlop Jazz 3 picks (black max grip) are great for practicing chop builders.


  • when holding the guitar pick, the less pick you show, the better!  This provides for more control.
  • count out loud to get the rhythm down.

We reviewed Levels 2 and 3.

Level 4

The beauty of these particular chop builders we are learning is that we can actually use these when playing songs and not just for the sake of an exercise!

Level 5

In this chops builder level, we are essentially playing 2 chords:

A minor + 2 extra notes on the 8th fret

G Major + 2 extra notes on the 7th fret

This week’s challenge:

Post a video of yourself playing Level 5.  Remember to focus on accuracy!

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