Guitar Jam Session #42 – Q&A

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Today’s guitar Jam Session was our monthly Q&A session where Band members get a chance to get caught up, ask questions about the material covered in the previous sessions, and tie up loose ends before we move on to new material.

Here’s a sampling of some of the topics asked and answered in today’s session:

What’s the difference between a “riff” and a “lick”?

Slash chords: D/F#

D is the chord / The F# is the new bass note

Recommended non-slip guitar picks:

  • DAVA – they have coating and texture
  • Dunlop Jazz 3

Is there a method for choosing the Key to write a song or is it totally experimentation trying to find what sounds good?

Major chord vs 7th chord

4 notes in a 7th chord – it’s a jazzy sort of chord

Most popular harmonics on 12th, 7th, 5th frets

Be familiar with the part so you have a relaxed hand without tension

EZ Guitar Songs

Best Guitar Courses


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