Guitar Keys Lesson – Jam Session #41

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In the guitar keys lesson titled “Finding Your Keys – Part 4“, Steve continued our study of the “Stacked” and “Shifted” maps by expanding them into the:

  • “Extended Stacked Map”


  • “Extended Shifted Map”

First, we reviewed the Stacked and Shifted maps.

  • Why do we need these maps?
  • We can only remember so much.  Some songs may be lower or higher in tone.
  • Having only 6 cans of paint color is limiting.
  • The multiple locations gives us the benefit of playability so we’re not jumping around the fretboard

Key of D

1 – D Major

2 – E minor

3 – F# minor

4 – G Major

5 – A Major

6 – B minor

4 Rules to Finding the Chords in Any Given Key

  1. Follow the map
  2. Use our note spelling exercise to find the names of those notes
  3. As we follow the alphabet, each letter of the alphabet must be represented
  4. Each chord follows the Major and minor convention

This information is helpful to not only play popular cover songs on guitar, but also in composing our own songs.

I hope you’re enjoying this “Sidekick” section of the site where I invite you to see what I’m learning as I progress in my own guitar journey.  For more reviews of online guitar lessons, check out this page.


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