Jam Session #47 – Halloween Special – Monster Riffs & Licks

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Monster Guitar Riffs & Licks

Today’s Halloween edition of the Jam Session was not only educational and chock full of guitar training goodness, but it was also hilarious!  As I waited for the webinar video to go live, suddenly there was Steve in his Halloween costume, sporting a pink wig and “Happy Birthday” crown!  LoL!

Guitar Riffs and Licks Lesson

Steve taught us two classic guitar riffs today:

  • Guitar riff Black Dog
  • Guitar riff Beat It

We also received the guitar riffs TABSs for these as well.

It’s great learning these riffs because not only are they classic riffs your friends will recognize, but the techniques learned will help you more quickly nail down other riffs in songs you want to learn to play during your guitar journey.  Of course, this knowledge will also help you learn how to construct your own guitar riffs for your own songs.

Until next time, Happy Halloween!

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