Guitar Strumming Patterns – How to Strum a Guitar

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Guitar Strumming Patterns

Learning guitar strumming patterns can be tricky. Especially, when you’re just starting to learn guitar. It’s usually not so much a question of “how to strum a guitar”, as most of us can at least do a basic Up-Down-Up-Down pattern if nothing else. More often, it’s a question of finding the best sounding strum pattern for either a song we’re trying to cover or for a new song we’re composing.

This week, I dove into a special strumming section of “The Band” to see what tips I could pick up. I was delighted by what I discovered.

Steve demonstrating guitar strumming patterns

Generate Guitar Strumming Patterns On The Fly

Steve (aka “VOID”) put together a special module in the training section of The Band that showcases a technique he came up with to help his students master guitar strumming patterns. He’s named this technique “S.O.S. Strumming” or “Subtraction-Obsessed-Strumming“.

It’s essentially a technique by which you can easily create a bunch of new strumming pattern from one original strum pattern. I went through the process he describes in the module and was pleasantly surprised by how many patterns I made out of just 1 starting pattern when using this formula.

If you’ve been struggling with guitar strumming patterns or just want to learn how you can easily create a seemingly endless array of various guitar strum patterns, I recommend checking out the techniques Steve has included in The Band.

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