Guitar Training Q&A – Jam Session #39

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This week was a Q&A session to help us all get caught up since we’ve been getting some intense training with our Band membership!

Guitar Training Q&A

Questions posed to Steve included:

  • Q: What do you recommend for cleaning guitar strings?
  • A: Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes!


  • Q: If our electric guitar has 2 pickups, which should we use and under what circumstances?
  • A: Use the bridge pickup at 100% when using distortion. Use neck pickup for playing “clean”.


  • Q: What about the tone knob?
  • A: Keep the tone knob cranked up to 100%.


  • Q: In pull-offs, are we just touching the string with our ring finger?
  • A: The ring finger is picking the string, not just tapping on it.


  • Q: What’s the best time to message you, Steve?
  • A: Noon


  • Q: What brand of strings do you recommend?
  • A: D’addario


Slow vs Fast Guitar Playing

For speed, press as lightly as possible – play light with your picking hand.


  • Q: What’s a good software program for guitar practice?
  • A: 7th String’s “Transcribe” which allows you to slow down a song and practice segments and remove instruments.  Focus on practicing chunks at a time.


  • Q: What’s an easy way to get the correct guitar tone for a song I want to play?
  • A: If you have a Line 6 Amplifi amp, you can use the Line 6 app to find the perfect tone.  Most are created by their user-base and voted on to keep the tone library updated with the most popular tone for any given song!

Weekly Challenge

Our challenge this week was to pick the easiest song we could think of and post it in the Jam Space (the group’s private Facebook page).  I chose “Wild Thing“.  It was fun to demonstrate this super easy 3 chord song.  I wrote that you can even play this song while watching TV.  🙂  It’s mindless playing at it’s best.  LoL

My favorite way to practice new techniques is using them to learn a new song from the Easiest Guitar Songs library.  So check that out and if you want a full replay of this Q&A session that was jam-packed with gems of guitar training wisdom, be sure to join The Band.  You’ll not only get this session, but access to all the other previous sessions as well, plus access to upcoming LIVE sessions where you can ask your own questions and get answers in real-time!  It’s a great way to stay motivated too with the weekly accountability posts!

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