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There’s so many lessons and training tools included in a Guitar Tricks membership that it’s a bit “tricky” (bad pun, I know – lol) to boil it all down in a single review, so I’m going to focus on the essence of what makes the site so great.

The Guitar Tricks Core Learning System

Guitar Tricks Core Learning SystemFirst, the site has a structured, step-by-step Core Learning System.  This is very important.  You need to be learning the rights things in the right order.  The Core Learning System in Guitar Tricks achieves this well.

Genre Lessons

After going through the Core training, you’ll find they also provide a multitude of genre lessons.  So whether you’re goal is to learn Rock, Blues, Metal, Country, Funk, or another genre, you can easily access lessons that focus on what you need to know to master your preferred style.
Guitar Tricks Genres

The Forum

Having access to a community can be a tremendous help when learning guitar.  It makes it easy to converse with other guitarists, some whom have already been where you are.  Many of them are often willing and able to help give pointers and encouragement when you need it most.

Of course, the key to a successful forum is that it has an active user base.  On this point, the Guitar Tricks forum scores highly as it is robust and active.

guitar tricks forum 

At, It’s All About The Songs

I think we all agree that the greatest joy and sense of accomplishment in learning guitar comes not from learning chords, strum patterns, rhythm, scales, or anything like that. Not that those things aren’t important, of course. It’s just that, at the end of the day, the end goal from all of time and energy we put into learning those things is so we can actually put it all together and play songs, right?

Whether it’s finally being able to play a favorite song we’ve loved since we were a kid, serenading a love interest, playing in a live band, or becoming a recording artist, the goal of every aspiring guitarist is all about being able to play favorite songs. Believe me, I know! 🙂

And the great thing is that not only is it fun and personally rewarding… not only can you can use this knowledge to perform your own cover version of the song… learning the song is also a vehicle itself by which you travel further in your guitar journey! That’s because each new song you learn has it’s own chords and techniques you’ll need to learn and practice before you can play it proficiently.Guitar Tricks - Lisa's Acoustic Lessons

Each new song you learn actually performs “double-duty” – you not only learn a song to add to your repertoire, you also add more tools to your guitar playing toolbox to use whenever you need them. And that’s a big deal.

As you progress from “easy” to “intermediate” songs, you’ll find your skills are building upon each other, enabling you to more quickly tackle songs of increasing difficulty. In time, you’re playing songs you never thought you’d be able to play and are getting comments like “Man, you were really sounding great jamming on the guitar the other day!” 🙂

600+ Guitar Video Song Lessons

Guitar Tricks - Song Lesson CatalogAnd this is why I like the song lesson library in Guitar Tricks so much. They break down over 600 popular songs, teaching you all the guitar parts (yep, even the solos and any dual lead parts) step-by-step! The great thing about video lessons online compared to a live teacher is you can always go back and watch any part of the lesson as many times as you need at no extra cost.

How many of your favorite songs are in the Guitar Tricks lesson library? You may be surprised. After browsing the list, I’d love to hear the names of the songs you’d like to learn that you found within their song library. Please post them at:

It’s Free to Join

Guitar Tricks Review - Electric GuitarAnother great thing that should be mentioned is how you can join for free and take it for a 2 week test drive.  Yep, you can signup using my link below to get full access to the entire site free.  Try out as many lessons as you can in those 14 days.  The reason they let you try it free is because the vast majority of those who do love it so much they want to continue.

I hope you found this Guitar Tricks review helpful.  Click the link below to get your free account and try it out today.

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