How to Switch Chords on a Guitar Fast

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Do you struggle with how to switch chords on a guitar fast?  When I was learning my first beginner chords, I sure did! The problem was not only fretting them “cleanly“, but then to smoothly switch between them.  It was daunting.

I’ve since discovered a “cheat” that makes it sooo much easier!  Wish I’d known about it sooner!

I’ve discovered that by slightly modifying how some chords are fretted, switching between them is super easy!  For example, switching from G to C was challenging for me (as it is to many beginners).  But with the special “cheat” versions of these chords, it’s a breeze!

So, where did I learn these special chords?

The Superglue System included inside my membership to The Band.

Having a chord library and being able to switch between those chords “in time” is vital to playing your favorite songs on guitar. That’s why I’ve listed this as Stage 2 on The Speed Sheet.

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