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Learn blues guitar riffs and licks in this online guitar lesson video produced by the good folks over at NextLevelGuitar.  It’s a great beginner guitar lesson teaching a Muddy Waters’ rhythm style.  The instructor’s 11 year old daughter can even play it.  So if you’ve never even picked up a guitar, you can do this.  This is an easy blues guitar lick to get you started!

The Basics of Learning Blues Guitar

You’ll learn to play blues guitar rhythm basics quickly with this easy guitar lesson.  In this tutorial, you’ll will learn:

  • a basic blues chord progression
  • what is a I-IV-V progression
  • what is a Power chord (or Power 5th)
  • what are turn-around chords
  • what is the Hoochie Coochie lick

For this blues rhythm pattern, we’ll be playing in the Key of A.  This is a I-IV-V blues progression in the Key of A.  It’s called a “one-four-five” progression because we’re playing our 1st, 4th, and 5th chord of the Key which, in this case, is the Key of A.  So, we’re starting on the A chord (the I chord), moving to the D chord (the IV chord), and then the E chord (the V chord). Make sense?  You’ll find it’s easy once you get accustomed to thinking in these terms.

As demonstrated in the above video, we’ll first play the Power A.  Next, we move to a Power D, followed by a Power E.  Follow along in the video and you’ll see how easy it really easy to learn this blues rhythm pattern.

What Are Turn-Around Chords?

The turn-around chords (sometimes also called “the walkup”) is a great sounding way to get back to the beginning of the progression and start it all over.  In other words, you can basically keep the progression going forever with turn-around chords.  In this case, after we’ve played the Power A chord at the end of our progression, we play the Power D (the IV chord), the Power D#, and then the Power E (the V chord).  This takes us back to the I chord (the Power A).  If this sounds confusing, don’t worry.  It’ll make more sense when you watch the video.

It’s easy to learn and master blues guitar when you start slow and learn the basics in bite-sized chunks as demonstrated in this online guitar lesson.  It really is the best way to learn blues guitar.  As my favorite guitar teacher David Taub says over at NextLevelGuitar, “You can do it!”.  So hang in there and you’ll learn blues guitar in no time.

Your Next Step

After you get the hang of the basic techniques, try your hand at more easy blues songs to learn on guitar.

I think David and the gang at NextLevelGuitar offer the best online guitar training anywhere. I’m a long-time member of NextLevelGuitar myself and I can wholeheartedly say it’s done more for my guitar journey than anything else.  I’m a firm believer in the their guitar training. So, for a structured, professionally taught Blues course, I highly recommend you check out NextLevelGuitar’s Blues Guitar Course on DVD. Just click the banner below to enter their shop and look for the Blues DVD sets OR check out my review of Next Level Guitar

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Guitar Tricks is another good option for a specialized course for learning blues guitar online. Click this link to take a look at  it.

And if you really want the ultimate training to master Blues guitar, pick up both courses!

If you’d like to learn more about the various guitar training courses I’ve tried, visit this page: Top Online Guitar Training.

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