How to Learn Guitar Songs Fast

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Learn Guitar Songs Quickly

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a method by which you can learn guitar songs in the shortest amount of time, this post is for you!  I spent much of my guitar training this week going through the remaining lesson modules within The Band.   To my delight, the very last module addressed this very topic!

In a module Steve (aka “VOID“) has dubbed The Laboratory, he provides a step-by-step method he’s developed to help his students learn guitar songs in the shortest amount of time.  This works whether you’re looking at learning easy guitar songs or more advanced tunes.

How to Use the Laboratory to Learn Guitar Songs

learn guitar songs

Steve explains how to learn guitar songs quickly using The Laboratory.

In this module, you get a large blueprint of the Laboratory process.  It provides a flow-chart of “if this, then do this” instructions and guidance that help you break down the song you want to learn and master it.  There are also several videos included where Steve goes into great detail of how to use the flowchart and gives examples.

I’m  looking forward to trying this method and will report back my results.  I think what I’ll do is implement it as I continue learning Hit Me With Your Best Shot.  That song is one I’d put aside for as I had pretty much mastered the chords in the verses, but the solo was daunting so I’ve yet to attempt it.  I think learning the solo inside The Laboratory will be a good test of it’s effectiveness.

I’m going to save my Laboratory chart to a flash drive and take it into the copy shop next time I’m in town.  There, I’ll have it printed out on a large sheet of paper and have it laminated.  I’ll then keep it handy as I tackle HMWYBS and other news songs I want to learn on guitar.  Will keep you posted on my progress.


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