Learn How to Play Jane by Jefferson Starship * Online Guitar Lesson

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In this Classic Rock video tutorial, you will learn how to play Jane by Jefferson Starship.  This mega rock hit was brought to us in 1979 on their album Freedom at Point Zero.

Learn How to Play Jane by Jefferson Starship on Guitar

This guitar lesson teaches:

  • the basic tone settings to get a sound similar to the original recording
  • the notes to the intro
  • the rhythm chords used throughout the verses and chorus

What this video will not teach you is the solo to the song.  However, there are other videos out there you can find for that.  For the rest of the song though, this is a great guitar video lesson for those wanting to learn how to play Jane by Jefferson Starship. This is one of my favorite lessons from the good Tonedr.  I’ve been learning a lot from his free guitar lessons and you should also be sure to check out the video clips of his band the Lexington Lab Band.  They are amazing!

Some Fun Facts About Jane by Jefferson Starship from Wikipedia

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Looking for backing tracks to help you learn Jane by Jefferson Starship?  Visit this page.


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