Live Online Guitar Training

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Are you getting live online guitar coaching from a professional guitar teacher as part of your training?

For a long time, I considered it a luxury and didn’t feel I’d benefit much from it. I was wrong.

There’s just something very special and unique about the weekly live Jam Sessions I’ve experienced since joining The Band. It’s been helpful to my guitar journey on so many levels that I hardly know where to begin in describing it to you.

Getting these 2 hours of live training each week as part of my Band membership is a massive value in itself.

I‘ve been learning so many new things each week during these live sessions.

But it’s really so much more than even that. It’s also provided me…

…the camaraderie with other Band members via the chat box during the Jam Sessions as well as in the Jam Space (the group’s private Facebook page).

…the inspiration and motivation to practice and record the assignments which, in turn, bring the important feedback.

…the learning from other Band members as they ask their questions and post their own videos of the songs they are learning.

…the option to enter The Spotlight where I can use my webcam to get help with something or learn from another Band member who does so.

The Jam Sessions are really something you have to experience to fully appreciate. That’s why I’ve listed it in Stage 4 of The Speed Sheet.

You can experience the live Jam Sessions yourself, as well as all The Band has to offer for only $5 during this special, limited-time offer exclusively for subscribers. But hurry, this offer will be expiring soon. Click here to see if it’s still available.

See you on the inside! And be sure to give me a shout in the chat box during the next Jam Session or in the Jam Space! J



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