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Review of The Band – Why It’s Special

In this review of The Band, created by guitar coach and founder Steve Mastroianni (aka “VØID”), I want to focus on a simple truth that will benefit your guitar journey…

LLearning guitar can still be challenging… no matter the student, the teacher or the training materials. Sooner or later, you’re bound to run into roadblocks that can (temporarily) impede your progress. It happens to everyone. This is why it can be helpful to have a ready source of help, inspiration, and motivation when the going gets a little tough with your electric guitar lessons.

When I first began learning guitar, I was active in a forum and it was very helpful. Being part of that community where I could ask questions and get answers was huge. It helped “clear the fog” on a lot of things I was struggling with. It was also a major source of needed encouragement when I felt I wasn’t making progress. Sadly, the forum I belonged to was eventually “hacked” and is no longer accessible (forums are often targets of website hackers, unfortunately), but I still remember how much of an impact it made on me as I worked my way through the acoustic and electric guitar lessons.

Weekly Live Training, Q&A, and Coaching

electric guitar lessonsThis brings me to a very important aspect of “The Band”. You see, “The Band” is the only membership I’m aware of that actually offers weekly, *live* coaching webinars! Each webinar consists of a training portion, then a Q&A session, and then, if you have a webcam, you can get Steve (aka “VØID”) to address any difficulties you’ve been encountering in your practice. And if you can’t make it to the webinar, you’re welcome to record a video and send it in! And remember, you’re getting that feedback on your playing from someone who has taught hundreds of clients and is a professional guitarist himself, touring with major acts such as KISS! There’s just nothing else out there like this from what I’ve seen.

Community Support is Invaluable

Not only that, but you also get access to The Band’s private Facebook page. Here, you’ll be part of a community of likeminded “band Review of The Band - Rockstarter 30 Minute Guitar Coursemembers” helping each other along their guitar journey. And with it being a Facebook page, it’s unlikely to be going anywhere anytime soon – hackers or no hackers. 😉

The “virtual community” aspect becomes all the more important if you live in a more rural area where it’s harder to find other guitarists nearby. No doubt about it – the weekly live feedback sessions and the Facebook community included with “The Band” are both tremendous tools to keep you moving forward on your guitar journey.  And this is true whether you’re just interested in electric guitar lessons, acoustic, or both.

As great as these aspects are, there’s still much more to The Band.  First, it includes the Rockstarter (aka “Learn Guitar in 30 Minutes”) course which is sold on it’s own as a stand-alone course every day.Review of The Band - Guitar Hacks 1-3

“The Band” also includes a ton of guitar “hacks” Steve has personally developed to help his students learn guitar fast.  These “secret hacks” include things like “Rockstar Guide to Tuning”, the “Rockstar Roadmap” practice guide, the 11-Step Chord Switching Crash Course, The Super Glue System (7 chords that bring it all together), The ‘Wild’ Report (TAB reading), “S.O.S.” (Subtraction-Obsessed Strumming), The Hit Lists (song lessons), and even more than I can list here so be sure to check out The Band.Review of The Band - Guitar Hacks 3-6

Another important thing to know about “The Band” is that a portion of the sales are going toward cancer programs as part of Steve’s VØID Cancer initiative. After his Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal cancer, Steve put his rockstar career on hold in order to become his dad’s caretaker. Every membership sale helps fund this urgent cause.Review of the Band - Hacks 7-9

To discover all the benefits of being a member of “The Band”, click here.

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