Learn Guitar Fast With Rockstarter!

Rockstarter – How to Learn Guitar Fast!

This Rockstarter Guitar review will be of interest to you if you’re brand new to learning guitar.  This is an amazing “learn guitar fast” course on so many levels. Learn guitar fast with Rockstarter

For those who are starting from scratch and brand new to learning guitar, Rockstarter is the ideal guitar course to get you “up and running” and have you quickly playing popular songs on the guitar!

This step-by-step system has been carefully designed from the ground up by Steve Mastroianni (aka “VØID“), guitar coach and touring guitarist for major acts such as KISS!  Steve set out to create a course that would make learning guitar fun and almost effortless.  And he’s certainly succeeded with Rockstarter.  I recently bought it and went through the entire course myself and am very impressed.

Here’s what you’ll get in your Rockstarter Guitar Course:

Learn Guitar Fast with Rockstarter1) A very important “Read Me First” with Steve’s personal, hand-written notes (and fun drawings I might add 🙂 that explain exactly how to proceed through the course.  Follow these tips and you can’t go wrong.

2) A pro tuning guide.  Having your guitar in tune is vital!  This guide will show you how to do it the right way, just like the pros on tour do it!

3) The Rockstarter lessons are provided in 4 formats so you can choose whichever format best matches your personal learning style.  You can choose from:

  • PDF
  • Mp3
  • Audiobook
  • Video

First, you’ll learn about “Power Chords”, then Steve teaches you how to fret some of the most common ones.  You can use these same chords to play a lot of different songs (did you know many songs only have 3 chords?!).

Next, Steve teaches you about strumming and you’ll learn a great strumming pattern to use with the chords you just learned!

Finally, you’ll get to put it all together as Steve teaches you how to use the chords you just learned to play the main riffs from 3 different popular songs!

Oh yeah, you also get:

The Wild Report” that provides some extra instruction before Steve let’s you out into “the wild” on your own!  🙂

A very cool “Rockstar Roadmap” that provides guidance for your guitar journey.  You’ll never be at loss as to what your next goal should be!

Learn Guitar FastThis is a really great way to learn guitar fast.  I’d say it’s really about as close as you can get to having actually sat in on one of those “Tour Bus Masterclasses” Steve would give when on tour with KISS!  You even get some additional secrets that Steve developed after the KISS tour!

Plus, it’s dirt cheap!  I bought it for just eleven bucks and some change!  And with the money-back guarantee, it’s risk-free so give it a try!  Here’s the link: Get Rockstarter and play songs today!

P.S. Another really cool thing about Steve is his work in the fight against cancer. After his Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, Steve put his rockstar career on hold in order to take care of his dad. I’ll let Steve tell you more about that on his site, but I just want to mention that Steve gives a portion of all his sales to cancer programs through his VØID Cancer initiative.

guitarist Steve Mastroianni (aka "VOID") on tour with KISS

On tour with KISS


Get Rockstarter

P.P.S.  If you’ve already learned some guitar basics, check out Steve’s membership site “The Band“!  I’m a member myself and having a blast!  To learn more about everything you get as a member in “The Band”, click here.  And after you join, be sure to say “Hey, Dan!” when you’re on the live webinar chats or on the private Facebook page!  See you on the inside! 🙂


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