Guitar Strumming Lessons

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Do you know a variety of guitar strum patterns to spice up your playing?

My guitar strumming patterns were boring for the longest time! I had learned only a handful of different patterns and pretty much stuck to just a couple of them regardless of the song I was playing.

It made my playing less interesting for the listener and for myself, too, because I knew what I was playing didn’t really have quite the same rhythm and sound as the original song.

I simply didn’t have a good grasp of strumming patterns…

I didn’t understand how to create new patterns, much less match the patterns in the songs I was covering. This is why I was delighted about the guitar strumming lessons module within The Band called S.O.S. Strumming.

It quickly unlocked a whole new world of patterns for me to use. I discovered how I could take just one strum pattern and from it create a seemingly endless number of additional patterns.

After just a few minutes with this module, I was generating new and interesting strum patterns at will!

Having an array of guitar strum patterns for songs at your disposal is vital to playing even simple guitar songs. That’s why I’ve listed this as Stage 3 of The Speed Sheet.

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