Stunning Strumming Secrets – Part 2

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Although I’ve been behind on posting my updates, I have been regularly attending the weekly Jam Sessions every Saturday with “The Band.

Today, I wanted to get caught up with sharing what we’ve been learning these past several weeks. So, without further adieu…

More Strumming Secrets!

Stunning Strumming Secrets – Part 2” – (Jam Session #36) was another awesome session. As the name implies, we continued digging deeper into strumming. Here’s a recap of what we went over in this session:

Why is strumming important? It adds variety and interest to our playing!

A basic strum pattern looks like this:


We can modify this pattern by removing (“subtracting”) certain up or down strokes from the pattern. Example:


We can further change things up by replacing a regular down or up stroke with a muffled (aka “muted”) stroke.  This technique is also known as “chucking”.  We represent a muted stroke with an “X”.  Example:


We also learned the difference between “eat the beat” vs “overlap”.  Chords can switch anywhere – some last longer than what’s normal within a particular song (“overlap”).  Some end sooner than normal (“eat the beat”).

We also learned about various ways to get different sounds from our strum patterns, including:

  • “Redistribution”
  • “Volume Control”
  • “Raking”
  • “Reggae”


Example of “Here Comes The Sun”.  The same strum pattern is played, but with “redistribution” you’re focusing on different strings.

Volume Control

This is where you play different strokes at different volumes.  A lowercase “d” in the strum pattern instead of the usual “D” means you should play it lower in volume or play fewer strings on that stroke.


Reggae music typically adheres to patterns of upstrokes.  Example: Everlasting Love  with a pattern of:


This Week’s Challenge

Our challenge this week was to post a video of us playing “Beat It” using the TAB that was provided to us.

So there you have some more great ways to vary up your strumming!  Try using these strum techniques as you learn easy guitar songs.  To get access to the full replay of this and all the other Jam Sessions, as well as live trainings every week, join The Band!


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