Rockstar Repair Center – Modes & More! Jam Session #67 Woo-hoo!  I made it into the Spotlight this week!  What does that mean and how did I do it? The Spotlight Ok, so in case you missed the earlier [More...]
Partial Chords In this week’s Jam Session (#48), we took our initial look into “partial chords” as Steve taught us to how to play 5ths, 4ths, 3rds, and Octaves. First, we enjoyed an overview of Steve’s songwriting/recording process for [More...]
Monster Guitar Riffs & Licks Today’s Halloween edition of the Jam Session was not only educational and chock full of guitar training goodness, but it was also hilarious!  As I waited for the webinar video to go live, suddenly [More...]
In Jam Session #46, we had another awesome round of Q&A where Steve takes our questions LIVE!  He also answers any submitted beforehand too, of course, for those whose schedules may not allow them to be present live on [More...]
In Jam Session #40, we continued our training on finding the musical Keys on guitar.  Today’s goal was to Review all 12 Keys Turn them into usable Major and minor chords Be able to name each chord All About [More...]
This week was a Q&A session to help us all get caught up since we’ve been getting some intense training with our Band membership! Guitar Training Q&A Questions posed to Steve included: Q: What do you recommend for cleaning [More...]
More on Guitar Chord Switching In Jam Session #38, we continued our Chord Conversion Crash Course from the previous week. First, we recapped what we learned last week… Common string = your finger presses the same string along a [More...]
Chord Conversions In Jam Session #37, we took a look at chord conversions and questions like: Is it crucial for the chord to be built (aka “fretted”) as written?  Or, is it sometimes better to use an alternate version? [More...]
Although I’ve been behind on posting my updates, I have been regularly attending the weekly Jam Sessions every Saturday with “The Band“. Today, I wanted to get caught up with sharing what we’ve been learning these past several weeks. [More...]
Guitar Chops Builders – Part 3 In today’s Jam Session #45, we continued learning new guitar chops builders.  We learned the final 4 levels of the sequence: Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Once we have all these [More...]
More Guitar Chop Builders In Jam Session #44 (Guitar Chop Shop – Part 2), we continued to learn new guitar chop builders. It was suggested that the Dunlop Jazz 3 picks (black max grip) are great for practicing chop [More...]
In Jam Session #43, Steve began going over exercises that will improve our guitar playing technique. What are Guitar Chops Builders? Chops builders is a little exercise you work on over and over.  Over time, these “guitar chops builders” [More...]