In the guitar keys lesson titled “Finding Your Keys – Part 4“, Steve continued our study of the “Stacked” and “Shifted” maps by expanding them into the: “Extended Stacked Map” and “Extended Shifted Map” First, we reviewed the Stacked and [More...]
Can you Name That Tune? We’ve been having a hoot of a time over on The Band’s “Jam Space” page on Facebook playing Name That Tune and I wanted to share a bit of it with you… A number of us have [More...]
“Strumming Secrets” – Jam Session #35 This week’s Jam Session was on a great topic – guitar strumming!  It was suggested by fellow Band member, Chas.  Great suggestion, buddy!  I think we all got a lot out of this [More...]
Jam Session #34 – July 25, 2015 This week’s Jam Session with The Band was a “Part 2” because, as things turned out, there just wasn’t enough time last week to squeeze in the 2nd “map” to finding the [More...]
Guitar Keys Jam Session #33 – “Finding Your Keys” This week’s Jam Session was all about Keys in music…what they are and how they create harmony in music.  I had a lot of “a-ha” moments during this session.  I [More...]
Learn Guitar Songs Quickly If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a method by which you can learn guitar songs in the shortest amount of time, this post is for you!  I spent much of my guitar training this week [More...]
Guitar Strumming Patterns Learning guitar strumming patterns can be tricky. Especially, when you’re just starting to learn guitar. It’s usually not so much a question of “how to strum a guitar”, as most of us can at least do [More...]
“Give Your Guitar The Finger, Part 3” Jam Session #32 – Fingerpicking Guitar Lessons Whew! This week’s live training Jam Session with The Band was a monster! Steve (aka V∅ID) gave us another full 2 hours of training and what [More...]